NicVax - A Nicotine Vaccine

There has been growing excitement over the development of a nicotine vaccine. It has been viewed by some in the smoking cessation community as the "magic bullet" for smokers wanting to quit easily. Just get a shot and poof, stop smoking. This enthusiasm hit a road block in 2011, as clinical stage III trials reported that NicVax did not have any benefit over placebo. Bummer.

Now there is a new promise as another study points to the abstinence rates for those with a high blood serum level of NicVax. This study reports a higher 8 week continuous abstinence rate from weeks 19 to 26. To get the high serum level, participants received 5 injections of 400 micrograms of NicVax over a 6 month period. The abstinence rates were statistically significant.

The researchers say, and I'll paraphrase, "This study demonstrates, as proof of concept, that NicVax is associated with higher continuous abstinence rates (CAR). Its further development as a treatment for nicotine dependence is therefore justified."

So there is hope yet for the makers of NicVax and their shareholders. Perhaps it is just a dosing issue or perhaps it only helps you after you've stopped smoking for 5 months, who knows. But one thing is for sure, more studying is required.